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Thank you for visiting this blog.
My name is Omar Stroppiana. I am the author of this blog.
I am an electronic engineer and work in the automotive field.
Live in Turin.
Married and the father of 2 children.
I'm a Christian and I'm an avid reader of the Bible. For this reason, su questo blog condivido alcune riflessioni bibliche.

I'm a happy member of an evangelical Christian Assembly, However, This blog does not allow me to speak on behalf of churches or organizations, but I express an opinion that comes from my personal Bible study. The blog does not host advertising and does not promote a specific denomination but only a genuine faith in Jesus Christ.
If, Instead, are you interested in visiting the site of the evangelical community of which I am a Member, the address is

The purpose of this blog is to offer insights on the Bible to both believers and non-believers.
In these years I found great help in the study of the Bible, and for this reason I decided to make these available to other reflections.

I believe the reading and study of the Bible cannot be an end in themselves but must find an application in everyday life. Therefore, published thoughts always have a practical application.

Thoughts are deliberately short, the audio files typically lasts from 4 to 7 minutes. Therefore I do not pretend to offer comprehensive studies on proposed readings such as those that can be found in specialized commentary, However, for this, These thoughts do not appeal only to a specialized audience of Bible scholars, but, they were written with the aim of achieving even simple people but concerned about the depth of that great divine book is the Bible.

In addition to short thoughts I share on the blog with images verses or quotes, videos, poems, comics.

You can get in touch with me using the contacts listed below. If you ask me friendship on facebook or other social networks, I'm just asking you to send me a private message saying that you have come to me via this blog, to not end up in the middle of unfilled requests.

If you want to write, you can do so using this address



  1. Hello Omar, mi chiamo Finees sono un credente chiamato dal Signore nel2014, è con grande gioia che ascolto la parola del Signore tramite te, Dio benedica la tua famiglia e tutte le tue opere, amen.

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